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I get my device

Just few days ago, I’ve gotten my package order from South Korea. It’s really hard to get this stuff, Arduino, because it’s still not sold in Vietnam, unfortunate me. Anyway, I have one now.

The Starter Kit for Arduino is another one of our most popular products. This kit has all the parts to begin to learn about microcontrollers and embedded electronics. The Arduino Starter Kit comes in it’s own packaged box, ready to wrap and throw under the great green fire hazard. Good for beginners who want to create a great blinky think but are not sure where to start. This kit is also good for advanced users – these parts are common to all sorts of projects and help replenish a geek’s toolbox. It is almost like a simplified version of the Inventor’s Kit above.
새로운 타입의 SoftPot 누른위치감지센서 사용예제: http://robobob.tistory.com/40
Arduino Uno – the latest Arduino USB board, fully assembled and tested.
6′ USB A to B cable – USB provides power for up to 500mA (enough for most projects) and is ample length to connect to your desktop or laptop USB port.
Miniature breadboard – Excellent for making circuits and connections off the Arduino. Breadboard may come in various colors.
Male to Male jumper wires – These are high quality wires that allow you to connect the female headers on the Arduino to the components and breadboard.
Flex Sensor – Originally designed for the Nintendo Power Glove, now you too can measure flex!
SoftPot – Measure position along the softpot by looking at the change in resistance. It’s like a touch sensitive volume slider.
Photocell – A sensor to detect ambient light. Perfect for detecting when av drawer is opened or when night-time approaches.
Thermistor – A sensor for detecting ambient temperature and temperature changes.
Tri-Color LED – Because everyone loves a blinky. Use this LED to PWM mix any color you need.
Basic LEDs – Light emitting diodes make great general indicators.
Linear trim pot – Also known as a variable resistor, this is a device commonly used to control volume, contrast, and makes a great general user control input.
Buzzer – Make wonderful, brain splitting noises, alarms, and possibly music!
12mm button – Because big buttons are easier to hit.
330 Ohm Resistors – 5 current limiting resistors for LEDs, and strong pull-up resistors.
10k Ohm Resistors – These make excellent pull-ups, pull-downs, and current limiters.


This is the link: http://artrobot.co.kr/front/php/product.php?product_no=247
Well, if you’re in Europe or American, it’s so easy to get this stuff.
I have a good start from now :))

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